Keep the green for the future

Our experience as farmers and timber exploiters has made us aware of the importance of nature, the roll of every single tree fulfills on our planet; the vital functioning of the Amazon rainforest for all human beings, in a family business oriented to nature tourism, we want to contribute to reforestation of the Amazon rainforest that in some places has been seriously deforested; That is why we are making native tree plantations in this part of the Amazon.

And we want you to be part of this great work. Let's plant a tree and help our planet keep green for the future.

This volunteering opportunity enables you to immerse yourself in conservation and community projects, while experiencing one of the most breathtaking biodiverse places on Earth.

In these days as a volunteer you will be able to live with local people and understand how they think. Is a great opportunity to know this unforgettable rich in wildlife.

Voluntary work 2019

PRICE: $40.00 dollars per day.

You work from monday to friday about four hours every day. In the afternoon you have time to do some activities. There is for example the possibility to explore plants, to observe reptiles, birds and other animals or to go for a nightwalk.

On saturdays, the activities only take place until noon.

Sundays are at your free disposal.

• meals
• accommodation
• snacks
• water
• rubber boots (during the hikes)
• local guide
• hikes/walks with the guide

• Transport fare from Cusco to the lodge and from the lodge to Cusco. We can support you to find the right means of transport to get to the lodge. The costs for public transport are about $10.00.
• alcoholic drinks
• rain poncho
• activities that are not listed in this program
• binoculars.

Reforestation: we collect seeds and let them germinate in our special seedling nursery. We plant new trees in a way that they can evolve perfectly. Furthermore, we clean the trees that have been planted before during our reforestation project, so that they can keep growing.

Inspection of cocoa plants: we help to organize the cleaning of the plants and to prevent pest and parasite infestation.

Birdwatching: we compile lists of the native bird species and of their behaviours.

Reptile observation: observation of reptiles’ habitat.

Amphibian observation: we count the number of frogs and toads and study their behaviour.

Gardening: we plant different plants like orchids and flowers that serve hummingbirds and other bird species as sustenance in our garden.

Language exchange: we teach english in the schools near the lodge and also in the Bamboo Lodge itself to improve the knowledge of the people working there and to facilitate their daily routine that consists in working in the field of tourism.

Photography: we take photos of birds, amphibians, insects, flowers and plants. The most beautiful photos will be published on the bamboo lodge website.

• mosquito repellent
• rain jacket or rain poncho
• binoculars
• sun hat
• long-sleeved shirts and long trousers
• sun screen and sunglasses
• flashlight
• camera
• bathing clothes (optional)
• towel and sandals
• daypack (for excursions and walks)
• water bottle
• passport and certificate of the yellow fever vaccination
• money (in soles) for handicrafts or additional beverages
• personal hygienic utensils (shampoo, tooth brush…)
• good mood

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