6 days and 5 nights

Day 01: Cusco - Cloud forest - Bamboo Lodge
Early in the morning, we start our 8-hour trip on a road that partly goes up to 4000 meters above sea level. On the way, we have a few stops, e.g. to see the pre-inka cemetery Ninamarca or to visit the famous folkloric village of Paucartambo (2900 m above sea level). Then we continue to “Acjanaco“, the park’s entrance. From here we go downhill through the cloud forest, where we can see a spectacular vegetation (orchids, ferns, bromeliads, begonias etc.). Maybe we have the chance to see the first mammals, like e.g. woolly monkeys or capuchin monkeys. Furthermore, we will visit the “Cock of the rock“ (rupícola peruviana), Peru’s national bird, to see it dancing its famous mating dance. On our further way we will se quetzals, tanagers, trogons, hummingbirds and other beautiful, colourful birds. We will take our breakfast, snacks and lunch on the road (included in the price). In the afternoon, we arrive at our Bamboo Lodge (700m above sea level), where we will have dinner and then spend the night in double rooms with private bath.

Day 02: Bamboo Lodge - Reserved Zone - Casa Machiguenga Lodge
Before sunrise we drive to Atalaya (550m above sea level) wherefrom we take our boat for about 4-5 hours downstream the river “Madre de Dios“. Then we enter the Reserved Zone and continue our way for about 5 hours on the Manu river until arriving at the Casa Machiguenga Lodge. During our boat trip we can see the impressive wildlife of this nature paradise with its primary forest. This area is home to a lot of biodiversity like e.g. birds, capybaras, monkeys, caimans and tapirs. With a little luck we can also see the biggest cat in South America: the jaguar. We spend our night at the Casa Machiguenga Lodge, which is situated in the heart of the Manu National Park.

Day 03: Casa Machiguenga - Cocha Salvador
This day is special because we will experience primary forest and visit the famous “Cocha Salvador“ lake, home of the giant otters. These animals are an endangered species but can reproduce here because of the strict protection of their habitat. Other animals like monkeys, beautiful birds, black caimans etc. also live here and can benefit from this protection.
We discover the waters of “Cocha Salvador“ by catamaran. Our guide explains the wildlife of this place to us. Then he leads us on small paths through primary forest, looking for animals and plants that are only found in this area. Afterwards we go back to Casa Machiguenga Lodge, where we spend our second night. Before sleeping, we go on a night walk.

Day 04: Casa Machiguenga - Torre Otorongo - Dorado Lodge
Early in the morning we take our boat and let Casa Machiguenga Lodge behind us to turn towards our next stop: the Dorado Lodge. On our way along the Manu river we visit the little lake “Cocha Salvador“, where we climb an observation tower and enjoy the spectacular view. Thanks to its location we can see extraordinary wildlife all around the tower.
We continue our trip along the Manu river for about 4-5 hours. We drive out of the Reserved Zone and follow the “Alto madre de Dios“ river until arriving at Dorado Lodge (400m above sea level) where we spend our night. Our guide shows us the sourrounding flora and fauna.

Day 05: Dorado Lodge - Parrot clay lick - Machuwasi - Bamboo Lodge
Before sunrise we go to a special place where hundreds of parrots and macaws come together every day to eat the salts and minerals that are found in the natural clay at this spot. We can observe up to 7 different species of parrots and macaws here in the so called “parrot macaw clay lick”.
After this activity we take our motorized boat for about 4-5 hours along the “Madre de Dios“ river and drive upstream to Atalaya. Here, our private bus is waiting for us to take us to Bamboo Lodge where we spend the night. Previously we visit the little lagoon “Machuwasi“ to enjoy wildlife. Then we drive to the lodge. Optional night walk.

Day 06: Bamboo Lodge - Reforestation project - Cusco
We are aware of the great deforestation of the Amazon rainforest due to different factors like agriculture or illegal mining that destroy this wonderful ecosystem. Therefore, our biggest concern is the reforestation of the rainforest. After breakfast, you have the chance to become part of our reforestation project. You can plant a tree in our private recovery zone and so contribute to the recovery of our mother earth.
Then we start our way back to Cusco. On the way, our guide shows us some more of the flora and fauna. Lunch is provided on the way.

• professional, english speaking guide (with binoculars, telescope and knowledge about nature)
• private transport (bus and boat)
• professional cook and meals (vegetarian option), mineral water
• entry fee “Gallito de las rocas” (Cock of the rock) and entry fee parrot macaw clay lick
• overnight stays in lodges
• first-aid equpiment and snake venom extractor
• radio communication
• rubber boots

• alcoholic beverages, personal expenses
• binoculars

• insect repellent
• rain coat or poncho
• binoculars
• sun hat
• longsleeved shirts and long pants
• sun screen and sunglasses
• torch/flashlight
• camera
• bathing clothes (optional)
• towel and Handtuch and flip-flops/sandals
• day backpack (for walks and hikes)
• water bottle
• passport and confirmation of yellow fever vaccination
• money in Soles for beverages (water is provided, other beverages not) and eventually artesania/craftworks
• personal sanitary articles (toothbrush, shampoo etc.)
• good mood
• max. weight per person and piece of luggage: 15 kg.

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