Ayahuasca is a healing plant which is used by the people in the amazon rainforest for more than 6000 years. The plant is also called “Doctor mother Ayahuasca“ or ”teacher“ and is presumed to be the holy spirit of nature.

Ayahuasca is called doctor because she cures; teacher because she teaches and mother because she guides you. She gives power, knowledge and vision. She gives you, what you need, she teaches you what has to be taught and she cures what has to be cured. The medical qualities of Ayahuasca aren’t limited to the spiritual sector but extend also to the physical, corporal area.

Ayahuasca is the magical relationship between human and nature. With her help, you learn to feel the whole dimension using your heart and spirit. Before Ayahuasca can be taken, you have to consider some important points to guarantee a good mental, physical, emotional and spiritual preparation. Alimentation is a key factor due to the fact that your body has to be cleaned and there must not be any food in your stomach anymore. Furthermore you have to abstain completely from alcohol, drugs, spicy food and sex for seven days before the ceremony.

“I can’t give you nothing that doesn’t already exist inside you.
I can’t show you any picture which isn’t already yours.
I will only help you to make visible your own universe.“

Description of the Ayahuasca Ceremony

The Ayahuasca ceremony takes place in the evening/at night because it’s the perfect time to feel the rest and peace which helps us to open our body and mind and to connect us with nature. Our shaman will schedule the exact time.

As soon as the shaman arrives, you should try to put your doubts and fears aside and to focus on the ceremony with all your senses. Close your eyes, breathe slowly, inhale and exhale – the shaman will now start the ceremony calling the plant and begging for its presence.

The next step is to respectfully drink the plant. Take the beverage and ask the plant for the things you personally hope she can give you. At the moment of your petition, drink the whole beverage at once. Be calm and without fear – the spirit of nature will protect you. The shaman only gives you a dose which is adapted to you personally. Your body and mind will receive the holy plant and everyone who followed the diet and the rules of abstinence will feel the first sensations. It’s possible that you will feel the urge to vomit; this feeling means that the plant slowly is arriving to your body. Your body slowly dozes off, but it doesn’t loose neither its mobility nor its consciousness. Your senses keep being attentive.

The shaman will sing some ritual songs. After a few minutes begins the so called “descent“: some people see visions; episodes during that time or place loose its meaning; see known or unknown places; live every-day experiences or such that are independent from reality and time; perceive familiar people or such that are indescribable. Other people withdraw into their thoughts and feelings. In the background the plant works with your body: it inspects it, explores it and heals it. Keep paying attention to the songs and instructions of the guide. Probably the urge to vomit will increase and be constantly there. Vomit if necessary, let everything out. The holy plant collected all the things that detained you to fly and which have to come out. Let the “doctor“ do her work. Stay calm, vomit, inhale, exhale, vomit again and breathe deeply.

The shaman will be your spiritual guide on your journey. He will take care of you and assure that everything will be fine. At the end of the ceremony your body and soul will be healed and you’ll have the chance to let everything behind and have a new start.

The next day, the shaman will talk to you and help you to process your experience.

Day 01: Cusco - Cloud forest - Bamboo Lodge

Early in the morning, we start our 8-hour trip on a road that partly goes up to 4000 meters above sea level. On the way, we have a few stops, e.g. to see the pre-inka cemetery Ninamarca or to visit the famous folkloric village of Paucartambo (2900 m above sea level). Then we continue to “Acjanaco“, the park’s entrance. From here we go downhill through the cloud forest, where we can see a spectacular vegetation (orchids, ferns, bromeliads, begonias etc.). Maybe we have the chance to see the first mammals, like e.g. woolly monkeys or capuchin monkeys. Furthermore, we will visit the “Cock of the rock“ (rupícola peruviana), Peru’s national bird, to see it dancing its famous mating dance. On our further way we will see quetzals, tanagers, trogons, hummingbirds and other beautiful, colourful birds. We will take our breakfast, snacks and lunch on the road (included in the price). In the afternoon, we arrive at our Bamboo Lodge (700m above sea level), where we will spend the night in double rooms with private bath.

Day 02: Bamboo Lodge – Ayahuasca Ceremony
This day is important because of the preparations for the Ayahuasca ceremony which will take place in the evening/night.

During the day we will rest in the lodge – a place full of peace, calm and nature, where we will prepare our body and soul for the ceremony by mediating and connecting to the spirit of the holy plant.

At nightfall the Ayahuasca ceremony starts in a place which was specially prepared for it. It’s important to use loose clothes and sandals.

Day 03: Bamboo Lodge – Reforestation project - Cusco
We are aware of the great deforestation of the Amazon rainforest due to different factors like agriculture or illegal mining that destroy this wonderful ecosystem. Therefore, our biggest concern is the reforestation of the rainforest. After breakfast, you’ll have the chance to become part of our reforestation project. You can plant a tree in our private recovery zone and so contribute to the recovery of our mother earth.

Then we start our way back to Cusco. On the way, our guide shows us some more of the flora and fauna. Lunch is provided on the way.

• professional, english speaking guide (with binoculars, telescope and knowledge about nature)
• for Ayahuasca ceremonies trained shaman
• private bus transport
• professional cook and meals (vegetarian option), mineral water
• overnight stays in lodges
• first-aid kit
• radio communication
• rubber boots

• alcoholic beverages, personal expenses
• binoculars

• insect repellent
• rain coat or poncho
• binoculars
• sun hat
• longsleeved shirts and long pants
• sun screen and sunglasses
• torch/flashlight
• camera
• towel and flip-flops/sandals
• water bottle
• passport and confirmation of yellow fever vaccination
• money in Soles
• personal sanitary articles (toothbrush, shampoo etc.)
• good mood

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